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Salvatore De Pasquale, pseudonym Depsa (Portici, July 28, 1954), is an Italian figurative artist, television writer, composer and  writer


 Depsa developed his passion for drawing in Naples, Depsa in 1979 meets in Milan painter Pietro Annigonsi, who urges him to continue with the visual arts.

Only in 2012 Depsa (so he signs his works) decides to publicize his latest demonstration of creative versatile, linking his name to the International Association Margutta, Rome and attending with his works in a series of events.

In 2013, among other things, Depsa exposes the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. 

In 2014 public for Naggi Publishers, with the approval of the Vatican, the series "Portraits of the Popes";  in order: Pope John Paul II, Pope John XXIII,Pope Francesco, Pope Ratzinger, Pope John Paul I, Pope Montini.

In 2015 his portraits Wagner, Brahms, Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, are exposed to the "La Scala" in Milan, in the location "Scalashop", were they stay for entire period EXPO.

In november 2015 ENPA (National Animal) distribuited through Italy reproductions of his portraits of dogs and cats.




Salvatore almost immediately demonstrates his passion and talent for music and creativity in general. 

"Child prodigy", seven years already composed his first serious song, "Love" using the piano's neighbor in Portici. 
Fourteen years after his father, reluctant to the fact that he learned to play, finally agrees and gives him a used piano: Salvatore learns to play the piano alone and  uses to put music in its countless poems.

At seventeen meeting Peppino di Capri, the only singer national who lived in Naples, and that was his mentor: over thirty songs, some of them of great success internationally.
It's the same Peppino to force him to change his name, Salvatore De Pasquale, who considers too "Neapolitan" under a pseudonym, and so Depsa was born .
The collaboration with P. Di Capri leads now to a series of hit records, including “Champagne”, plus a final disc for the summer with a gold chain, two finals Canzonissima and victory in the Sanremo Festival in 1976 with “Non lo faccio più “. Now Salvatore realizes that to "grow" must leave Naples and accepts the 'job of Durium who is looking for a producer.

Depsa moved to Milan and worked  for seven years as record and song writer, as welle as texts for cabaret.
In 1985 he agrees to make his first program as a television writer Grand Hotel (Canale 5)  when he finally left his post as executive recording.  

As television writer, Depsa is winner of 9 Telegatti (“Scherzi a parte”, his idea, ”Stranamore”, “ C’è  posta per te”, “ Buona domenica”, “Gran premio internazionale della TV”, “Festival di Sanremo 2002” ,”La Corrida”) .

From then on he never stopped the activity of the creator and author of television programs but has not even stopped writing songs. 
So far only the “Sanremo Festival” has placed 22, with a first place in 1976; three second places: in 1981 with "I love you", in 1990 with "The Loves" (English version  "Good Love Gone Bad", Ray Charles), in 1997 with "Stories"; and a third place in 2005, in the "Champions men" with "The bench".

Famous for songs like "Champagne" (Peppino di Capri), "Stories" (Anna Oxa), "Good Love Gone Bad" (Ray Charles), "The Loves" (Toto), Depsa  wrote more than 500 songs for artists such as: Adriano Celentano, Ray Charles,Zucchero, Peppino di Capri, Jorge Ben, Kid Creole and The Cocconuts, Anna Oxa, Renzo Arbore, Roberto Murolo, Fred Bongusto, Plastic Bertrand, Fiordaliso, Raffaella Carra, Ricchi e Poveri, Toto Cutugno, and Albano Romina Power, Drupi, Luciano Rossi, Loretta Goggi, Gigi Sabani, the South American Christian, FR David, Veronica Castro, Loretta Goggi, Gigi Sabani, Nino Manfredi, Leopoldo Mastelloni,  Daniela Pedali, Heather Parisi,  Andrea Bocelli etc. 
Moreover all the children with whom he participated in ten editions of the Zecchino d'Oro, from 1990 until 2007. 

In 2017 and 2018 he conducts a seminar at the UNIVERSITY OF THE INSUBRIA STUDIES of Varese and Como, FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION SCIENCES, entitled: "What is and how TV is made ".



Depsa in 1994 published his first book: "Sex reader", an ironic manual "sexual miseducation" published by RCS Sonzogno

In  2009 he publishes the box "Songs and poems to read to sing,"by Kamala Produced, distribution Edel / Media Song.
The box contains a book, "Songs to read" and a CD, "Poems to sing", so the double title. The book "Songs to read" where Depsa traces his artistic life through anecdotes, letters to fellow passengers in music (Zucchero, Morandi, Celentano, Dalla, Baudo, Dori Ghezzi and Fabrizio De Andrè, Massimo Troisi) and through lines from some of his songs. The "Poems to sing", however, are twelve songs that Depsa plays.

 In 2013 he publishes a collection: twelve  book titled "The gym of the soul" Wannaboo editions: one for each month of the year, with tips spirituality to learn to live better with themselves and with others.



Young author of cabaret in Portici in the 70s, in the same period of “La smorfia “.
He continued to work in Naples for the theater with both Gino Rivieccio that with Leopoldo Mastelloni.
For years Depsa maintains a constant collaboration with the artistic director and choreographer Gino Landi, with whom he has recently written two musicals: "The myth" based on  Enrico Caruso’s life , and " Carmen story ", set in Naples in 1860,  inspired  to the namesake opera by Bizet.